Dog chewing tail raw, So what

Are your Dog chewing tail raw, gnawing, or biting at the base of her tail? and if you are thinking if my dog chewing tail raw, so what is special in this?

Skin Allergies, some sort of injury, infection from food, and stress are among the causes of dog tail biting or tail chewing.

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Does your cute dog try to chase its tail?

It could be a game for you or those watching rotating like a toy. However, if your dog nips its tail or the dog chews its tail.

maybe a dog-biting tail due to some skin allergy or infection. Therefore, this is not normal for your dog. There are many possible reasons for a dog to behave like this. 


The dog’s constant rotation and attempt to grab the tail is a matter of concern. Apart from this, it may be that your dog is going through some anxiety and stress.

The very common causes of dogs keep biting tails and dog chew tails start from below are:

1- The outbreak of the external parasite


There is a serious chance that your dog’s tail may have fleas or ticks. To get rid of them, your dog constantly bites or chews its tail.

Excessive biting tail and chewing cause further itching in the dog’s tail. You must have noticed that your dog bites or nibbles on the tail only at a specific place.

It is likely that fleas are irritating your dog in that particular place, the reason behind this is dog tail infection.

There is a possibility that the dog’s tail has developed a wound due to some injury. Your dog’s tail also starts looking strange as

Dog losing hair at the base of the tail and its looks are very strange. Your dog biting its tail regularly due to itching at that specific place.


You can solve the above problem with some small steps. Give your dog a regular bath.

Which shampoo or soap to use while dog bathing? Which shampoo or soap to use, a suggestion from a vet is necessary.

Use only medicated collars for your dog. Get the dog’s skin checked regularly by the vet.

If you do not take the problem “why do puppies bite their tails”  seriously, then the condition can get worse.

The dog may start crying or whining from the pain and itching. Contact your veterinarian immediately and seek his advice. Before the problem becomes more serious.

2.-Likely to be allergic –

dog tail infection


Just like humans, dogs are also prone to many types of allergies. Dogs can get an allergy to the food you feed them.

Apart from this, dogs can get allergies from the external environment as well. Check the side of your house to see if there are any chemicals kept. Which is causing your dog’s allergies.

Do you see pollen or mould around your house?

Any one of the above reasons can spread allergies to your beloved dog. As a result, you will not get the answer “why a dog biting tail until it bleeds treatment” and solution.

A good step definitely will be to get the dog’s allergy tested by the vet. The vet will be able to tell you about dog allergies and definitely understand your dog’s problem.

what type of allergy your dog is infected with the veterinarian will explain the solution. 


Check the type of food you give to your dog for regular consumption. examine the food products used for your dog.

The product should not harmful to your dog’s skin, such as a dog belt, collar, or shampoo. This allergy causes itchy skin in your dog.

Due to this, your dog gets upset, repeatedly bites or chews, and nibbles on its tail. 

3. Anxiety and Stress

Is your dog under worry and stress?


As we, humans feel anxiety and stress. Similarly, our most trusted animal dog can also have problems with anxiety and stress.

It can also be the stress of separation from its owner. There can also be anxiety about being alone.

Being under stress and worry can lead to aggression in their behaviour. Because of this, he can start biting or chewing his tail.

Some dog’s dog keeps licking the base of the tail due to excessive itching.


For this, you take your dog outside for exercise regularly. Encourage the dog to run. Play physical games with him like chasing up the ball.

So that the dog’s attention will be diverted to the other side. Due to the tired body, Dog will be able to sleep comfortably.

With this, the relationship between the dog owner and the dog will increase. The dog’s confidence will increase in the dog owner.

This effort will drain out your dog’s extra energy and stress. As the result, your dog will get rid of his stress and anxiety issues.

4. Allergic food

Are you accidentally giving your dog allergic food?


Food allergies can cause serious damage to the health of your beloved dog. Because of a food allergy, your dog will not get sneezing and wheeze. 

Because of continuously biting and chewing the dog’s tail is swollen at the base. If you ignore the problem of food allergy in your dog for a long time, your dog will start to suffer from food allergy side effects.

Which will escalate the problem.


To solve this problem, you can take the help or consultation of a vet or dog export. Your veterinarian may suggest you opt for a protein diet.

If your favourite dog stops biting its tail or dog chews its tail after the diet recommended by the vet. It means that your dog was a victim of a food allergy.

Plan your dog’s meals well, so that this problem does not arise in the future.

5. Dog hot spot

What are hot spots on dogs


It is possible that a hotspot has developed on your dog’s body skin. The dog bit his tail and chewing repeatedly at that hotspot.

Due to the constant biting and chewing of the dog, a wound develops at that location. These hotspots develop on the skin of animals in an environment of moisture and heat.

Dogs’ skin is very sensitive, so it would not be surprising to see hotspots develop on dogs’ skin. Whenever you see your dog constantly biting and munching.

Therefore, it is possible that a hotspot has formed on your dog’s tail. Your dog bites and nibbles on its tail frequently to give itself a rest and to relieve itching.

You can easily identify the presence of hotspots on the dog’s skin. If your dog has matted hair on his body, lack of hair in one spot, presence of blood or pus, scabs or red-coloured skin, and irritated skin are the main symptoms.


The solution to this problem will definitely be found at your veterinarian. Contact the veterinarian and understand the treatment of this disease of the dog.

6. Dog anal gland infection


Your dog may be biting or chewing on his tail because of his anal glands being impacted. It is very important for your dog or another dog that their anal glands remain healthy.

When these anal glands are healthy, dogs know other dogs and let other dogs know themselves. In a civilized society, whenever we meet each other, we greet each other or shake hands.

However, dogs in their social lives secrete fluid from the anal glands, which other dogs will smell when they meet.

This is the reason that whenever dogs meet, they smell each other’s back. Other signs of impacted anal glands are constipation or the dog rubbing his butt against the ground.

These are signs that your dog has affected anal glands. If blood or pus starts to come from your dog’s stool, then your dog’s anal glands are seriously impacted.


In this situation, you cannot cure this problem with home remedies. It is better that you contact a veterinarian.

7. Dog tail wound infection –

The dog keeps licking the base of tail


Your beloved dog may injure its tail while playing or for other reasons. In case of injury, it may cause itching. And dog biting tail continuously.

Due to this reason, your dog may repeatedly try to grab the tail and bite the tail. You will feel that your dog is playing with the tail or having fun.

However, he is trying to relieve himself from the itching by biting or gnawing his tail.

The dog also tries to bite or dog chewing tail raw to reduce discomfort in the damaged hindquarters or its tail.

Another reason for biting or chewing your tail can be a fracture of the tail. Your dog biting tail and chews to get relief from the pain.


If any of the above conditions are confirmed, you should contact your nearest veterinarian with your dog.

8. Your dog is feeling tired and bored –

Dog biting base of tail but no fleas


Like any person looking for some new game and entertainment ideas after getting bored or looking for some adventurous game.

Similarly, dogs also get bored with their consistent lifestyle. Therefore, dogs start behaving differently.

By doing this type of activity, your dog tries to get out of his body’s excess energy. When you are bored as a human, you bite your nails, in the same way, your dog runs after its tail and bites and chews its tail.

If you also feel that, your dog is getting tired and bored. Try to involve your dog in outdoor activities. Take the dog for a long walk occasionally.

Your dog’s play of biting and catching its tail can be dangerous for your dog. Your dog can also get hurt from this game. Dogs can get small wounds.


Try to play some new and energetic games with your dog. Talk to a dog expert about how to drain out the extra energy of the dog. Search some new games for your dog online.

9. Hormone imbalance in dogs

Hormone imbalance in dogs
Hormone imbalance in dogs

Hormonal imbalance issue according to dog expert. In this situation, it is possible that your dog will behave strangely after hearing strange sounds.

Behaviour includes dog tail chasing, tail biting, and munching. Once your dog’s body does not produce enough thyroid.

When Your Dog’s Body Is Producing Too Much Cortisol. Therefore, it could make your dog more susceptible to developing superficial skin infections.

Some dogs may develop bald patches in the infected area and may bite their tails to reduce discomfort.


Contact your veterinarian with your dog.

10- Try to understand the behaviour of your dog

Why my dog keeps biting his tail


If your dog’s tail biting and chewing problem do not match the above-mentioned symptoms. Still, your dog is biting its tail for some other reason.

So keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour regularly. You should also contact your dog veterinarian or dog expert.

Maybe they have a solution for this behaviour of your dog. Whenever your dog runs after its tail, bites the tail or nibbles it.

Contact your dog’s personal trainer. The dog may require to be retrained. Remember to exercise your dog regularly to release excess energy.

Keep introducing your dog to new dog games to keep him excited. Therefore, that boredom does not arise in the dog.

Whenever you see that your dog is trying to bite its tail. Try to divert his attention to the other side. Once your dog stops focusing on chasing or biting its tail, please reward him.

Try to establish a positive relationship with your dog. This will help your dog get out of stress and anxiety.

11. Most asked question

How to stop a dog from biting his tail?


If you have come to know, what is the reason for your dog biting his tail? Now you prepare for the solution to this problem.

Which your beloved dog deserves a hundred percent. As you are the owner of the dog, you also know very well its needs and preferences.

12. Some best tips and tricks for dog chewing tail raw

For the treatment of your dog’s skin, use the best quality medicine with the advice of a good dog veterinarian.

Medications should be effective in preventing your dog’s dry and flaky skin. This dry and flaky skin is the reason for the tail biting and scraping.

13. Try to Change Your Dog’s Behaviour

Whenever you see your dog running behind the tail for biting and chewing. Try to distract his attention immediately from some other target.

After continuously dog chew tail, sprinkle some bitter-tasting food substance on the tail. Like bitter gourd juice, you can also take the advice of your veterinarian in this. You can also use dog cones to solve this problem.

14. How to deal with dog boredom-

Dog biting tail until it bleeds treatment


If, your dog keeps biting its tail continuously.

So keep the dog engaged at regular intervals through the park exploring, long car rides, recreational physical games, and attractive chewing dog toys.

With all these activities, your dog’s enthusiasm and boredom will run away.

Conclusion – dog chewing tail raw, so what

The dog is one of your most loving and loyal animals. The dog has always been the first choice the domestic pet for humans.

The main reason for this is the intelligent and friendly behaviour of dogs. But just like us humans, many types of physical diseases keep happening in dogs too.

Such as allergies, infection from the external environment or chemicals, constipation, sadness, and anxiety.

As a result of all these diseases, there is bound to be a change in the behaviour of dogs.

The most prominent symptom is the dog chewing the tail raw, the dog keeps licking the base of the tail, the dog losing hair at the base of the tail, the dog biting the tail until it bleeds treatment, etc.

There is no need to worry about all these problems because you can easily find their solution. For this, you can also consult your veterinarian and dog expert. 

Apart from this, some tips and remedies have been given above. With the above-given tips and remedies, you can understand your dog’s disease and its treatment.

As a responsible dog, you should always keep the dog poison helpline number as well as the pet emergency helpline number with you.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.

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