10 reasons – Why does my dog stare at me constantly

If you are searching your question why does my dog stare at me constantly, in this article we will try to give an answer to you.

Dogs are curious pets by birth, it has been the animal behavior of dogs to inspect every new place and everything kept in the house. 

The main dog behaviour is that the dogs stare constantly at you, so was your dog a detective in a previous life?

Not at all, it’s the dog’s innate nature to stare at you constantly. What is the history of a dog staring like this, let us first discuss it.

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Understanding modern dog behaviour requires knowing the underlying traits of wolves that have lived in the wild for hundreds of years.

A dog used to stare at another dog to talk. Wolves that live in a pack are always led by an alpha male.

The alpha male stares at other dogs of lower rank to remind them that he is in charge and that everyone must obey the order.

The alpha dog decides who gets the first chance to hunt, the dogs may stare to beg for food. Also, the dog that is lower in rank may stare to challenge the leadership of the alpha male.

Apart from this, in today’s modern times, there can be many other reasons for the dog to eye contact with you constantly, which are given below.


Reasons why does my dog stare at me constantly

Dogs Are observing the owner


The dog observes the physical activity of its owner with great curiosity and attention. Your furry friend tries to understand the dog’s owner’s body language.

The dogs stare trying to understand through your movements whether you want to take him out for a walk in the park or are preparing to feed the dog.

The canine learns step by step from your movements, the dog constantly eye contact with you and tries to guess what your next move might be.

For example, when you pick up the dog’s leash and take the dog for a walk outside the house.

The next time you pick up a puppy’s leash, your puppy will understand right away that you are about to take the puppy for a walk.

The dog stares at you so that it can predict your next move through the body language.

Dog is trying to signal his owner


The next reason dogs eye contact with you is, that the dog wants to say or tell you something.

If your dog has to go to the potty or pee, the dog will sit near the door of the house and the dog will stare at you, to signal to its owner. Unless you understand this gesture of the dog.

Similarly, if the dog is hungry and the dog constantly stares at you to get food from you or to get his favourite treat from you, then your dog will try to get your attention.

But you have to keep in mind that whenever the dogs eye contact constantly with you and you always give him something to eat every time.

This will build a bad habit in dogs and in future, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of this bad habit.

Staring is a sign of love from your dog


Like whenever a person loves someone or tries to express him, he tries to express it with his eyes. This is human nature and similarly, this human quality is also found in animals.

When your dog gazes at you with loving eyes continuously and moves its tail slowly. It means that the pup wants to indicate to you that he loves you.

So whenever your dog constantly stares at you, it can have many meanings, one of which means that he wants to show his love to you.

In response, you can pat the dog’s head with love, so that your dog understands that you also love the dog very much.

Dog is getting confused


Another reason why dogs constantly stare at us with their direct eye contact is they try to guess what the dog owner wants from them.

The dog tries to understand your taught commands by matching your movements, whenever the dog is unable to understand your movements, the dog gets confused.

After this, the dog keeps staring at you so that he can clearly understand what the dog owner wants from him.

Dog want something


Whenever your dog roams around you and keeps staring and direct eye contact with you continuously. The dog tries to send you a message with this response that it is asking for something from you. 

The dog may be trying to play with you or its favourite toy, it may be urging you to eat its favourite treat, and the dog may be inviting you to play.

They’re begging for food

Why does my dog stare at me when I eat


It has often been seen that when dog owners are taking food or snacks, they definitely share their food with their dogs. 

From the point of view of a dog’s health, this is not a good practice at all. No vet or dog expert will ever advise you to share your household food with a dog. 

You can also visit our article Food poisoning for dogs to know which foods can be toxic to your dog.

So whenever you are taking a meal or a snack, it is certain that your dog will keep staring at you,  he tries to get some piece of food from you.

Which you do not have to do at all, because it is very difficult to get rid of such bad habits later. 

Instead, allow the dog to eat only the dog food or treat recommended by the dog expert and veterinarian.

Dog is feeling ignored


Sometimes dogs start staring at their owners as a way of paying attention. Dogs aren’t shy about staring intensely at us if they feel a little ignored.

Whenever you notice a change in your dog’s temperament such as suddenly your dog starts staring at you continuously.

One of the reasons why a dog is constantly staring can be that he wants to get your attention.

This condition arises when you stop giving enough time to your dog like you used to give to your dog earlier. This makes your dog feel ignored.

Whenever you bring a new pet at home or a newborn baby is born in your house, in these situations your attention is more towards your new guests.

When you stop playing with your dog, taking the dog for a walk in the park or petting the dog, then the dog itself feels ignored in this situation.

In all the above situations, the dog constantly stares at you so that it can attract your attention.

Dog is showing aggressiveness

Is it bad to stare a dog in the eyes


Dogs use their eyes to express their feelings. Dog’s ancestors have been wolves, so they got this nature of dogs from their ancestors.

Constantly staring at anyone is considered threatening or rude. If a dog constantly stares at you strangely and grunts, this behaviour indicates dog aggression.

In such a situation, it is better that you get away from the dog. This aggressive body posture is often seen in dogs when some valuable material or bone is at stake.

If your dog also constantly stares at you in an aggressive posture, then it is a matter of concern for you.

You should immediately consult a professional trainer or dog behaviourist. If you see this body language facial in your dog.

Dog is looking for the next step


When dogs are trained, they expect you to command the dog what to do. For this reason, also dogs constantly stare at you.

You should not associate this behaviour with the dog being confused at all.

Whenever your dog constantly stares in the same direction, because the dog is trained he tries to understand the difference between your movements and the commands you are taught.

Dog ageing issue – canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome


If your dog has grown old or he is getting old. Even in these situations, your dog tries to give you an indication that he is going through some health problem by constantly staring at you.

Whenever the dog constantly stares at you for no reason, you also give him his favourite treat to eat.

But if the dog does not eat his favourite treat, then surely your dog is sick, this disease is called canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome in dogs.

Dog wandering around aimlessly and not following the commands taught by you or getting confused are all symptoms of canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Dog.

You should immediately contact your vet and get the dog done for a  complete health check-up.

How to stop dog staring at you

The solution to letting the dog stop staring at you is to first find out what your dog wants from you.

The relationship of a frequent dog staring depends on the breed of your dog, the age of the dog and many other factors.

Maybe the dog is hungry-


The dog does not know the time of the meal, it may be that you are late in feeding food to the dog on time.

Fix the time of feeding food to the dog and give regular food to the dog on time. For Dog’s full day time table visit our post “Dog’s Day Time Table“.

Maybe the dog is thirsty


If your dog’s drinking bowl is dry or dirty. Due to lack of water, the dog is feeling thirsty. This can also be a reason why the dog is constantly staring at you and asking for fresh water.

The dog owner should take care that the water bowl is clean and the water bowl should always be filled with fresh water.

A dog needs to go potty or pee


If you have fixed the dog’s time for potty and pee, then take the dog for potty and pee at his fixed time.

The dog’s potty and urination time should not be changed back and forth. The dog will definitely stare at you constantly unless you take the dog out to pee or potty.

Regular physical exercise


If you regularly go for a walk or physical exercise with your dog in the park from the beginning. 

You should take care that this process should not be broken, otherwise your dog will stare at you constantly and try to remind you that it is time for his physical exercise.

Don’t Give a Treat Every Time the Dog Stares


Whenever the dog constantly stares at you, often the dog owner understands that the dog is asking for something to eat.

The dog should always be given food at the specified time. The dog owner should keep in mind that do not change the feeding time of the dog frequently.

If you give treats to the dog every time he stares with greedy eyes, it will create a bad habit in the dog, which will be very difficult for you to break later.

Dogs are good learners, so they teach only through the regular tasks of the dog owner.

For example, the tasks to be done in the morning for the dog – potty and urine, breakfast in the morning, bedtime in the afternoon, lunch, potty and urine in the evening and then dinner and a fixed time to sleep at night.

The dog is tied to this timetable and he also expects the dog owner to follow that timetable.

Conclusion – Why does my dog stare at me constantly


Dog talks to its owner in gestures. Staring at the owner and approaching the door means the dog has to pee or potty.

There can be many reasons for the dog to constantly stare at the dog owner.

As a responsible dog owner, the first thing you should do is find out what signals your dog is trying to signal by staring at you.

The best suggestion would be to make a timetable for the whole day for the dog under the supervision of a veterinarian and dog expert and follow it strictly.

If the dog follows the timetable for the whole day, then you will definitely be able to reach a decision as to why the dog is constantly staring at you.

The dog is an animal, but it can be trained. You can also hire a good dog trainer to get the dog to follow the timetable properly.

The dog should be regularly checked by a veterinarian, otherwise, you may confuse the dog with physical discomfort and demand for food, water, potty or urine.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice. If you have questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, do not hesitate to contact your local veterinarian.

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