how to keep dog away from christmas tree

Tips on how to keep dog away from christmas tree

Christmas is arriving and your tension is also raising about your dog and Christmas tree, which means how to keep dog away from Christmas tree.

The market is decorated with Christmas trees in December by the end of every year. Many attractive decorative items are hanging in the shops to decorate the Christmas tree.

White snow is covered everywhere, and the gingerbread cookies smell fills the houses. It is Christmas time, a festival of joy and glee, and the festival of sharing gifts. 

All the family members gather at one place, and it is the festival of eating well-cooked dishes.

But there is another member in the family for whom it can be a time of curiosity, that is, your cute doggy or a little puppy.

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The Christmas tree and the shining toys or ornaments hanging in it attract the dog towards itself. 

Canines have an innate habit of digging the soil under trees, so the Christmas tree attracts Pup. Dogs love to play with trees, pull up ornaments, and put down Christmas presents.

But in all these processes, they can harm themselves. 

Along with this, the Christmas tree, which has been decorated with great effort by putting in hours, can be destroyed.

So this is a big problem in front of you. In this article, we will share some 13-tips on, How to keep dogs away from Christmas trees.

Train your dog to avoid the Christmas tree

It’s not an easy process, but with a little hard work and patience, you can permanently teach your dog to avoid the Christmas tree.

Notice the dog’s behaviour as the dog approaches the Christmas tree.


Try to distract the dog by being naughty on the side of the Christmas tree or trying to grab the Christmas tree toys. 

Playing with new stuff and grabbing and pulling is a favourite sport of dogs. Use a trigger commanding word like “away” or “leave it.”

Whenever the dog goes near the Christmas tree, throw the dog’s favourite treat away from the Christmas tree, which will distract the dog’s attention from the tree.

Apart from this, you can also give the dog his favourite toy to play with. Please give him a reward treat whenever your dog walks away from the Christmas tree when you order it.

Whenever you decorate the Christmas tree, give the dog away from the tree to eat his favourite treat or play with his favourite toy.

Apart from this, you can also take the dog to play outside the house to calm its curiosity. Playing will make the dog tired, and his extra energy will run out.

Due to fatigue, the Puppy will either sleep on his bed or sit in one place watching your movements.

After your dog understands your commands and obeys your orders, gradually stop giving the dog reward treats.

Dog fence for Christmas tree


In addition to training puppy-proofing the Christmas tree by putting a fence in the path of the Christmas tree, the dog’s path can be blocked.

This suggestion works for small puppies, but for larger dogs, you will need to increase the height of the fence.

You will also find this type of fence online.

What to spray on Christmas tree to keep dogs away


You can use a preventive spray to protect the Christmas tree from dogs. 

This type of spray is not harmful to the health of dogs. Dogs do not like the taste and smell of this type of spray. 

Sprays are primarily designed to prevent dogs from licking themselves or chewing on dangerous objects like wires.

You can spray this spray on the roots of the Christmas tree and on hanging decorative items that are dangerous for dogs.

Another thing you can do is a safe dog repellent or a homemade solution of 3 oz can also be sprayed on the lower branches of a Christmas tree.

Cinnamon essential oil mixed with five drops of water. Make sure you do this twice a week so it’s always effective.

Try to buy an artificial Christmas tree

Are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs


In the category of Christmas tree only, the classic Christmas tree is considered slightly unhealthy for dogs.

None of the chemicals in the needles or in the sap produced by pine or spruce are particularly dangerous to dogs.

But if a dog chews it, it can cause mouth discomfort, stomach upset, or irritation.

An easy way to make a Christmas tree puppy-proof would be to bring an artificial Christmas tree home.

The smell of artificial Christmas trees is plastic, not attract many dogs. In contrast, the scent of a real Christmas tree attracts dogs.

Give your dog some time to get used to your Christmas tree


Bring the Christmas tree a few days in advance and keep it open in the room. Your dog will walk around the Christmas tree for a few days and smell it.

After a few days, the dog will see the Christmas tree as a regular household item, and the dog will stop being attracted to the Christmas tree.

Hang delicate decorations items on the Christmas tree out of reach of the dog


Place delicate decorative items on the upper branches of the Christmas tree rather than the lower ones.

Due to the dog’s tail wagging, there is a risk of them becoming entangled in the dog’s tail and breaking delicate decorative items.

Cover electric wire and decorative lights out of reach


Use covers on your cords to prevent your dog from grabbing and chewing on decorative electrical items.

These types of decorative items can put the dog in danger. There is also the possibility of setting fire to the house.

Also, make sure the electrical cords are out of reach of your dog.

Do not use sweet food and toxic items to decorate


The dog is an essential member of the members of your household. So you must be aware of his likes and dislikes.

As you would know, dogs like sweets very much but giving sweet food is dangerous for dogs’ health.

That’s why you should not hang decorative items made from food on the Christmas tree, such as a garland made of popcorn in which candy canes are mixed.

The smell of such decorative items attracts dogs to the Christmas tree. Also, avoid dangerous room fresheners for dogs, which are dangerous for dogs.

Avoid tinsel Christmas tree


Tinsel is widely used in Christmas tree decoration. But instead of tinsel, you can use pet-safe garlands.

If the Puppy accidentally ingests the tinsel, the tinsel can get stuck in the dog’s stomach and intestines and the Puppy’s life can also be in danger.

Beware pine needles

Are pine needles poisonous to dogs?


Pine needles are dangerous for dogs. It would be best if you were very careful that the dog’s pine needles are out of reach of the dog.

Although dogs do not like to chew pine needles, remove pine needles that fall on the ground from the floor.

If a dog accidentally eats pine needles, it can damage its intestines.

Avoid using metal hooked decorative items


It is commonly seen that people use metal hooks to hang decorative items on the Christmas tree.

If you have a dog in your house, you should avoid using decorative items with this hook.

If the hooked decorative item breaks and falls to the ground, your Puppy could get stuck in the dog’s mouth while trying to chew it.

Place the gifts near the tree on the last day


Keep gifts to be distributed to your family and friends under the Christmas tree on the last day and last minute.

By placing the distributive gifts under the Christmas tree long before Christmas, the dog’s curiosity will be to investigate those gifts.

As a result, the dog will start playing with the presents placed under the Christmas tree out of curiosity.

Another possibility is that the Puppy may enter the Christmas tree while playing with the presents.

Due to this, the dog can destroy your Christmas tree, and the dog’s life can also be in danger.

Is Christmas tree water bad for dogs

Is Christmas tree water bad for dogs

Christmas tree water keeps the original Christmas tree fresh and green.

But this water is not just plain water; this water is full of pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, and other chemicals like aspirin.

If a dog or a puppy drinks this type of water, then these chemicals mixed in the water can spoil the dog’s health.

Conclusion-How to keep the dog away from the Christmas tree

Dogs are always curious creatures, and dogs smell all the things available in the house and investigate.

The Christmas tree can be a new attraction for your pet dog. Dogs may also spoil the decoration of your Christmas tree to satisfy their curiosity.

Many decorative items used in the Christmas tree can also be dangerous for your dog.

To solve all these problems, you can solve many upcoming problems with the above-suggested suggestions, and you can keep your Puppy away from the Christmas tree.

If you found a dog ingested something poisonous kinds of stuff from the Christmas tree, keep the energy number veterinarian number or call the AKC emergency number.

The best way is to train your dog to follow your order.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local veterinarian.

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