How-to -teach-puppy-to-wait-for-food

How to teach puppy to wait for food

Tips and guides on how to teach puppy to wait for food

In this article, you will know some tips and tricks on how to teach puppy to wait for food. Puppies are always very excited about their food. Puppy knows the dog owner is the food source. 

However, it gets challenging when we try to serve the food, and the puppy starts barking, crying, or jumping on the food bowl.

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Sometimes the puppy gets out of control when we try to serve food. This problem arises due to a lack of information on food bowl training.

You must start food bowl training your puppy at the very beginning, from day one when you adopt the puppy.

So how to teach dogs to wait for the food bowl, let’s start.


1. Suppose your puppy is barking or crying while you are serving him food. Please do not give him food while the puppy is barking or begging for food.

2. When the puppy stops barking or jumping for food, slowly put the food bowl on the floor, and speak “Sit.”  Once your puppy sits on the floor, say, “Good boy.”

3. While putting the food bowl on the floor, if the puppy again starts jumping or barking, pull back the food bowl, and do not give him the food at all.

4. Once your puppy sits on the floor properly and stops barking or begging. Put the food bowl on the floor.

5. You have to show some hardness against your puppy. Do not think it is inhuman. It is the betterment of the puppy, and it is a part of the training.

6. Do this food bowl training for three or four days regularly, whenever you serve food to the puppy.

7. Now we will increase the time of waiting for the food bowl by a puppy. At this stage, the puppy has already learned to “sit” and “wait” commands and learned to have patience for food.

8. Now in the next step, when you are serving the food to the puppy, say to the puppy, “Sit.” Hold the bowl in your hand and try to put it on the floor very slowly. Put the food bowl on the floor completely.

9. If the puppy tries to come near the food bowl, pull back the food bowl up and  Say, “stay.” Do it once again. Puppy will learn he has to wait for food until the following order.

10. Do it repeatedly once your puppy stays until you say, “Ok, eat.”

Praise your puppy every time whenever your puppy follows your order correctly by saying, “Good boy.” Puppy will understand he has done an excellent job.

Hope you will learn some basics of how to train a puppy or dog to patiently wait for food and not bark.

 With the above tips, you can teach your new puppy to wait for your order before eating the food.

Conclusion-How to teach puppy to wait for food

Of course, making a puppy learn to obey orders is a difficult task. But it is not impossible. The puppy owner must be patient, as the puppy is an animal and the puppy should be given time to learn the command.

You will have to keep trying continuously for the puppy to follow your orders well and remember the orders.
Apart from this, you can also use the services of a dog trainer to master the puppy in commands.

Keep in mind dog owners should always have a pet poison control number and pet emergency number.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.

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