Older dog attacking new puppy

Why is my Older dog attacking new puppy

You already have a dog and now you are planning to bring home another puppy. But why is my older dog attacking new puppy you must hear this comment. Whenever dog owners brought a new puppy.

There are many reasons you might want to bring a new puppy home. Maybe your big dog has gone old now. You want him to have a new young dog companion.

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All dog experts say that you can train a dog efficiently, but it is challenging to domesticate a cat. Along with this, dogs easily adapt to our social life.

That’s why humans have always considered dogs as their true companions. Many people keep more than one dog in their homes. There is also a big difference in the age of their pet dogs. 

So how do you train your old dog so that the old dog does not attack the new puppy? Here are some tips to keep in mind whenever you are bringing home a new puppy.


The reason why older dog attacking new puppy

1- Give your older dog respect first


It should not happen that as soon as a new puppy arrives, you start ignoring the older dog or reduce the time spent with the elder dog.

Do not do this; your behaviour will negatively affect the old dog’s mind. Your older dog may feel jealous of the new puppy, or the older dog may be depressed by the arrival of a new puppy.

There is a high chance that the older dog may become completely silent and sit quietly in its place the whole time.

Therefore, you should give priority to your older dog in every situation.

Never let the elder dog feel that your priorities have changed and the new puppy has become your first choice now.

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2- Do not give the second status to your old dog. While doing any activity at home, give preference to a big dog. 

Always give preference to a large dog while doing any activity. Always keep in mind that while serving food, first-serve food to the older dog and then feed the new puppy.

The new puppy indeed has to give food two to three times extra. So, give the old dog extra to eat something different food in his food bowl.

Keep in mind that do not feed both the dogs and the puppy together. This will also make it easier for the new puppy to understand that the old dog in the house is his senior.

3-How to teach a dog personal boundaries


Dogs and Puppies set their boundaries by urinating from place to place. Indeed, the new puppy will do the same, which may make the older dog growl or become annoyed with the new dog.

The older dog can become aggressive towards the puppy.

Try to calm the big dog in this situation. It would help if you never scolded an older dog for being aggressive.

4-How to introduce a puppy to another dog?


As you would know, when you brought your big dog home, it was a tiny puppy. At that time, his teeth were tiny, but they were very sharp.

This can upset the older dog and he has to set boundaries for the new puppy. If the smaller puppy tries to come near the bigger puppy’s food bowl while playing.

The larger dog may growl suddenly and become aggressive towards the smaller puppy. This could be to bully or caution the new puppy.

You don’t need to worry, as this is normal behaviour for your older dog. For this reaction, please do not punish or scold the older dog at all.

If your dog and new puppy sit or play together, keep an eye on them. Take care of an older dog if a new puppy attacks an old dog.

The old dog may growl while defending itself or may run away from the puppy.

One of the main reasons behind saving an old dog first is the small and sharp teeth of the puppy, which can cause serious injury to an old dog. This can damage the eyes and nose of your old dog.

Training – How to introduce a puppy to an older dog.


1- If your older dog understands your orders, tell him before bringing a new puppy. You’d better know how to tell your big dog by the way.

Convince the older dog to accept the new puppy. An older dog will surely understand what you are saying.


2- Whenever you are bringing the new puppy home, make sure that two people are available at that time.

First, you and the other person should be at home with the older dog. Always have another person standing with the older dog when you bring the new puppy home.

So that you can handle any situation. 


3- Third, remove the big dog toys from your house for some time. The big dog may also attack the new puppy to protect its toys.

Take your puppy in your lap, take it to the room of your house, and put it down in the room. Let the new puppy roam the room. The puppy will walk around the room and inspect the room.

Ask the other person to pick up the new puppy and let your older dog smell it. If the older dog doesn’t show any tension or anger, leave the new puppy on the floor.

Let the big dog investigate the new puppy, this will end his stress and curiosity.


4- Now you too sit on the floor with your older dog and new puppy. Watch the dog and puppy’s behaviour carefully and try to understand.

Take care that the big dog does not misbehave with the puppy. If the big dog goes away from the puppy, let him go away. Maybe his inspection is complete.

Your older dog’s hatred of the new puppy is a common behaviour.  It will get better with time. In a week or two, the condition will be fine.

 If you keep the above tips in mind and follow them. Dogs are very friendly creatures and they become or make friends very soon.


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5. The new puppy has a lot of energy and does not sleep much. On the contrary, energy and excitement decrease in the big dog, and then they sleep in his crate and rest.

So keep this in mind, the puppy does not try to play with a big dog while sleeping. The big dog won’t like much change in his routine.

As if you had become a good friend of a friendly creature like a dog. If you have trained the old dog well, you will find it easier to handle it.

Good healthy food for dogs will maintain their health.

How to stop Older Dog Attacking new Puppy

There are many reasons why your older dog attacks a new puppy. You have to understand the problem and solve it accordingly.

As you already know, dogs are animals, and it is a bit difficult to be sure which option will be suitable for your old dog.


Dog owners can rely on the option of dog tanning. Here are some tips to prevent this problem from the older dog from attacking the new puppy.

Set Some Borderline for dog and puppy. New puppies and older dogs both have different energy levels. Puppies have higher energy levels and older dogs have less energy.

Set boundaries for the puppy and the older dog to be safe in their area. Set aside the new puppy’s crate and keep the crate door short.

Place the new puppy’s toys in his kennel. So that the new puppy is busy playing with those toys and the old dog does not feel disturbed.

Physical playtime Drain Some Energy


Due to the high energy of the new puppy. Puppy plays too rough with older dogs. The puppy may bother playing with the older dog. 

This situation can also become a cause of conflict. To solve this problem, give your new puppy some physical playtime to drain off his energy.

Take the new puppy to the field or park and give it a run. This will make him physically tired and sleep comfortably in his crate.

Train the new puppy to play with his toys so that he can avoid fighting with the big dog.


Make a healthy environment for pets

In the event of saying older dog and puppy food together, if there is a possibility of a dispute, give food to both of them at different places.

Apart from this, Whenever Puppy and old Dog spends time together, please do not give them toys.

Puppy harassing older dog – Train Your Puppy


Start training your new puppy as soon as possible. So that the new puppy can learn how to live in the house and how to deal with old dogs.

You can’t defend the old dog all the time. This training will help to end the conflict between both the dog and the puppy.

You must train your new puppy to “come here,” “go away,” “go to your crate,” “leave it,” or “go to another room.” 

So that in case both the dog and the puppy conflict, the new puppy will follow your orders.

Older dog and puppy interaction


Try to make a positive relationship between your older dog and your new puppy. Like if, you are sitting with a big dog and petting it.

In this situation, the new puppy tries to come to you. Seeing this, your big dog grunts, then understand that both of them have not yet developed a positive friendship.

To solve this problem, whenever a new puppy tries to come to you, say “good boy” to your big dog and give him some nice treats to eat. 

Conversely, if the new puppy moves away from you, don’t praise the older dog and don’t give it a treat.

Please do this activity two or three times a day. This will make it easier for the older dog to understand what is wrong and what is right.

How do keep the older dogs from eating puppy food?


While giving food to dogs, there is always the danger of fighting among themselves. For this, you will need to teach both the dog and the new puppy how to behave while eating.

Of course, the old dog should be fed first, and the new puppy should be fed at a distance later.

There is a possibility that the older dog may move closer to the new puppy’s food bowl after eating its food.

This situation can again lead to conflict. You will have to train both the dog and the new puppy in this situation. 

So that after their food is over, they come to you to get more food and demand it rather than fighting over each other’s food.

Encourage Bonding Activities

How to get dogs to bond with each other


Encourage bonding activities to normalize the dog and puppy relationship. After the new puppy is vaccinated, take both the puppy and the dog out for a walk.

For this, you have to take the help of another person to keep both separately. Taking both the dog and the puppy on a walk for two to three weeks will increase their friendship.

You can take both your dog and puppy for long rides outside in your car, which will also strengthen the friendship between the two of them. 

However, keep in mind that keep them separately by tying them with a leash until they learn to move around together.

Conclusion-Older dog attacking new puppy


Bringing home a new little puppy can be a time of excitement for you and all the members of your household. 

However, if you are ready with the information about the problem and the solution to it. How to handle the little puppy with your older dog then all the problems will be easy.

If any dog owner is suffering from these conditions, above are some tips to help them. With the help of which you can make old dogs and little puppies

Problems like why the older dog attacks the new puppy. Can solve this problem. As soon as the little puppy in the middle of the life of the older dog suddenly appears. 

Tension and aggression can arise in the life of the old dog at that time. The dog owner should understand this situation and know its solution. 

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep the older dog calm and understand his mental state. Keep yourself positive about the problems and solutions described above.

How to deal with an older dog attacking a new puppy problem? Its solution will work for you; this is our effort.

Apart from this, you can hire a good dog trainer to train your new puppy.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local veterinarian.

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