Solution for a little Puppy wont poop outside

If you are not concerned about the solution for a little puppy wont poop outside your house. 

This is going to be a headache for the new puppy owner.

If you want your puppy to pee and poop outside the house, then you have to give proper training to your little puppy.

Those puppy owners who are already giving their puppy toilet training and even after training your puppy won’t pee outside.

Even after a 4-month-old puppy peeing in the house after training. It can also be due to an underlying medical problem.

Contact your dog’s vet to solve this problem. A very common question asked by puppy owners is, at what age should a puppy start pee and poop training?

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So that the puppy pooping in the house will resolve. If the puppy is between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old, you can start potty and pee training.

At this age, the puppy is able to hold and control urination and poop for some time.

You can start training a puppy under the age of 12 weeks. Take the puppy out in your lap and let it roam for a while. 

With this, it will start adjusting to the external environment.

Tips and tricks – Solution for a little Puppy wont poop outside

1. Think Once, Think Twice, Think Before you get your puppy.


Whenever dog lovers bring a new puppy dog ​​home. All the members of the house feel very happy. 

However, this happiness turns into trouble when the puppy keeps pooping in the house anywhere. You do not understand how to solve this problem. 

The problem is nothing but a lack of information about the behaviour and habits of the puppy.

Therefore, in the beginning, the dog owner must know some basic information about the behaviour and habits of a puppy.

You can also get this information initially from Dog and Puppy Seller. Every little new puppy has some very common habits. He will eat and sleep. 

Often the little puppy urinates after eating food and drinking water. After gathering all the primary information about your puppy. This is the correct time when can you take a puppy home.

2. The Best way to discipline a puppy


Now if the dog owner does not know how to handle this problem, then the result is that the smell of puppy urine and feces always remains in the whole house.

The result is that whenever a relative and guest comes to the house, he feels very uncomfortable because of the foul smell of the feces and pee of that puppy.

The dog owner also has to face humiliation.

So below are some best ways to discipline a puppy. 

By adopting those tips, you can train your little puppy to pee and poop outside.

3. How to make a puppy poop outside?


 A. According to Animal Experts, whenever the little puppy wakes up from sleep, he definitely urinates or goes to pee.  Little puppies pee a lot in a day.

 B. Note at what time the puppy wakes up from sleep. You must know the right time when the puppy wakes up from sleep.

4. When can you take a puppy outside for poop and pee?

When- can-you-take-a-puppy-outside-for-poop-and-pee
When- can-you-take-a-puppy-outside-for-poop-and-pee

Now when the puppy wakes up, take him to urinate. If you are taking it outside the house, then definitely tie the strap and chain around its neck.

If you are taking it to the backyard of the house, then fix any one-backyard portion, take it to the same place every day, and stand there for 3 to four minutes.

The reason for being taken to the same place repeatedly every day is that the puppy will gradually become aware of where it needs to pee or potty.

Otherwise, he will keep doing potty or pee anywhere in the backyard of the house.

5. Puppy potty training & regression


To train the puppy to urinate outside the house or in the backyard of the house, you will have to try the above suggestions continuously and patiently for a minimum of 15 days or more.

Solution for a little Puppy won’t poop outside training, the members of the whole house will also cooperate, and then this pee and poop training will become easy for you.

Moreover, your puppy won’t poop outside. The issue will be resolved very soon.

Keep in mind that this training to get the puppy’s urine and feces to be in a certain place should be started as soon as you bring the puppy home. 

6. How to get a puppy to poop outside for pee and poop?


Start training your puppy from day one. If you leave four or five days without training, then it will become a habit of the puppy and it will be very difficult for you to break that habit of the pappy.

When the little puppy wakes up and passes urine or pee outside the house. After this, the puppy will definitely demand food immediately.

When can you take a puppy outside for poop?

By eating food, there will be pressure in his stomach and he will start rotating in the same place.

It means that Puppy wants to do potty. Tie a leash and chain around his neck and take him outside the house or to the backyard of the house.

Stand near the puppy for some time. As soon as the puppy is relaxed, he will immediately do potty.

7. How often should a puppy poop?


If your puppy is very small, after getting up in the morning, lift it with your hands and take it to the place where you want the puppy to feces and pee.

If your puppy is 45 days or older, then after feeding him say, “Let’s go for potty”, the puppy will slowly start to understand your commands.

When your puppy pee and poop in the place you specify, give him the training treat. This will be a one-of-a-kind prize for that puppy. 

Puppy will gradually understand that if he follows orders properly, he will get a training treat.

When the puppy starts to poop, its movement becomes faster. You tell him to do potty. Initially, Puppy will not understand for 4 to 5 days what we are telling him to do.

Call your puppy “good boy” after the puppy poops and pee. Then put a small piece of the training treat in your hand and give it to eat.

8. What to do if a puppy poops in the house after being outside?


You do not have to give training treats every time. 

If your puppy is going out to potty or pee five times a day, give training treats to the puppy two or three times only.

The benefit of feeding the training treat with your hand is that the puppy will recognize the smell of your skin and blood.

The puppy will recognize your body smell from a distance if you are coming from outside the house.

If suppose you took Puppy outside for potty and Puppy did not potty outside the house. After this, you brought the puppy back inside the house and you opened its chain.

After some time you saw that the puppy comes from outside and defecates in the house. This may happen to you at the beginning of the training.

All you have to do is that if the puppy does not potty outside the house and you bring the puppy inside the house. Then do not open his collar chain.

Wherever you are sitting, keep your puppy with you tied with a chain. You will notice that as soon as the puppy gets to do potty, it will start to move and behave uncomfortably.

At this time if your puppy tries to poop inside the house, say “no” to him in a loud voice. Take your puppy out of the house immediately.

If you take your puppy out and the puppy still keeps peeing inside after being outside, do not give him a training treat at all.

9. How to Potty train a stubborn puppy?


Suppose Puppy did potty inside the house and went to another room. So do not scold your puppy by going to another room. 

Puppy will never know why you are scolding him. All you have to do is bring the puppy near the potty and scold him show the potty and say “bad boy” in a loud voice.

Simultaneously, by folding the newspaper, showing Puppy the poop or potty, hit the ground vigorously. 

This will make a loud sound.

Please don’t hit Puppy by the newspaper. If you hit Puppy with a newspaper, he will understand that it doesn’t hurt.

Do not hit the puppy with any hard stuff as it is not part of training and it is not a solution either.

You just try to scare Puppy.

10. How long can a puppy hold potty overnight?


This will make the puppy understand that he does not have to do potty inside the house. Puppy will know that he has done something wrong. 

Puppies will also start to understand who the boss is. You have to train your puppy psychologically from day one.

If the puppy has puppy pooping in the house, after cleaning it, spray good quality disinfected liquid on that place. There should be no smell of urine or poop in that place.

How many times should a puppy poop?

If you don’t take your little puppy out of the house at regular intervals, your puppy may poop or pee inside the house.

You tie a knot to the fact that your little puppy cannot hold its pee in his bladder for a long time.

You will need to take your puppy to urinate every three hours. Puppy poop or pee more at night, so you have to be prepared for all these things.

After the puppy has eaten, after a little play, and at night if the puppy wakes up from sleep, take him outside the house to pee or potty.

When does having a puppy get easier?

If you take your little puppy’s feelings and behaviour in a positive way, then your puppy will soon learn to defecate outside the house.

Be patient whenever you take your little puppy outside to poop and pee. Stand patiently near the puppy.

The puppy will defecate as soon as it relaxes.


After pooping outside the house, praise your puppy by saying “good boy” and giving him a piece of a treat to eat.

This activity will make it easier for your puppy to understand that he has done a good job.

Conclusion-Solution for a little Puppy wont poop outside

Hope you find some ideas and solutions for a little Puppy that won’t poop outside. Train your puppy with patience and you will definitely resolve this issue. 

Dogs like to urinate and defecate in the same place according to their innate habit. That is why you must have seen that your puppy keeps on making those spots by urinating from place to place.

If your puppy has done this inside your house, then wipe all those areas thoroughly. Use an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the smell of puppy urine from that area.

Yes, if there is such an area where you want your puppy to urinate or defecate, then leave the smell of urine and defecation at that place.

As a responsible dog, you should always keep the dog poison helpline number as well as the pet emergency helpline number with you.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local veterinarian.

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