Why do dogs hump the air

Why do dogs hump the air and How to Make Your Dog Stop Humping?

Dogs have hump legs. but why do dogs hump the air? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is still unknown. 

There are many theories about why dogs do this, but no one knows How to make your dog stop humping?

Some people believe that it is a way for the dog to show Dominance over another dog or person. 

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Others believe that the dog is trying to show affection for the person or dog. And still, others believe that it is just a way for the dog to release some energy.

A certified applied animal behaviourist, Dr Mary Burch, explains that humping is not always about sex.

Mounting or humping is a frequent play activity among puppies, and it’s also expected in the play of older dogs if it’s not taken to extremes, according to Gary Landsberg, DVM, a veterinary behaviourist in Ontario, Canada.

So why do dogs hump legs?

Do dogs hump their legs because they love us?


Are you wondering why your dog humps your leg? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about this behaviour, sometimes called “humping.” 

The answer to why canines hump their legs is a bit complicated. 

There are several reasons why rovers might hump or mount their legs, and they should evaluate each instance on a case-by-case basis. 

One possible reason for humping is that the dog is trying to assert Dominance over the person or another animal. 

Humping may also be a way for the dog to release sexual tension or express excitement. 

In some cases, a puppy might hump someone’s leg simply because they find it pleasurable. 

If your pup is humping your leg, it’s essential to figure out why they are doing it.

According to Dr. Burch, if your dog is lying on a pillow or a stuffed animal, chances are your dog is overly excited and over-excited.

Some dogs can become out of control during wild games.

When do male dogs start humping?


Humping or mounting is a sexual position for dogs, but doctors who specialize in dog behaviour believe that such behaviour is done for other reasons.

According to David S. Spiegel, VMD, animal behaviour researcher at Swarthmore College, humping is usually caused by sexual activity in unneutered and unspayed dogs under a year old.

However, in older dogs, it may be a sign of Dominance, a reaction to something that has excited the dog, such as guests arriving, or a sign that the dog was not socialized correctly and doesn’t know proper dog behaviour.

Spiegel explains, “The topic may draw giggles and laughter, but it’s also a severe topic for some people.” 

According to Spiegel, “Some dogs can become very compulsive with their behaviour.”

Mounting is a frequent play action in puppies and is even acceptable in the play of adult dogs, according to Gary Landsberg, DVM, a veterinary behaviourist in Ontario, Canada.

Why do dogs hump the air?

Is Your Dog Humping the Air for No Reason?

Below are some reasons dogs hump the air.

Due to Anxiety or Excitement


Many dogs do it when they’re excited or happy, while others may do it when they’re anxious or stressed. 

Humping in dogs is triggered by anxiety about punishment. 

If your dog reaches any level of uncontrollable excitement, it might use humping as a way to release that tension. 

Although humping is generally considered normal for dogs, it can sometimes indicate a more severe problem. 

Maybe your dog has a Medical Issue


Like humans, dogs are also born to breed.

Sometimes the dog does humping or mounting; maybe the dog likes to behave like this.

Dog humping and mounting are expected behaviour.

But dog behaviour studies have found that dogs also have problems with sexual behaviour.

Therefore it is not uncommon for dogs to mount another dog of the same sex.

If you notice that your dog is constantly humping objects or people, you may need to consult with your veterinarian to rule out underlying medical issues.

Want to show his Dominance


Dogs are often very aggressive regarding Dominance. Dogs try to find out who the top dog has more access to food and toys.

Mounting or humping dogs over each other may be an act of Dominance, and it has nothing to do with sex, and this is just communication by the dog to show superiority to the other dog.

It’s just a part of Play Mounting.


Mounting is a sport for dogs which is a common practice. It is a normal part of their game to mount dogs on each other.

It does not matter whether the dog is intact or neutered. The mounting game is a widespread game for dogs.

What does it mean when a dog hugs your leg?


When a dog hugs your leg, it is often interpreted as a sign of affection or trying to get extra attention from you. 

Dogs may hug their owners or other people as a way to show their love and companionship. 

In some cases, a dog may hug your leg if he feels scared or insecure. 

Below is some common reason Why does my dog grab my legs?

He wants extra attention.


The most common reason for your dog to behave like this is to attract you.

While hugging your leg, the dog tries to get extra attention from you. 

Give your dog a little cuddle and pat it affectionately so that the dog will stop doing it.

The anxiety of separation


The dog may be worried about being separated from you. 

Whenever a dog sticks to your legs when you go out of the house, then indeed, your dog has an anxiety problem. 

You should contact a good dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Encouraging bad habits

Encouraging bad habits 

Rewarding bad habits can also be why the dog is hugging your legs.

It would be best to correct your dog early in the day before he gets into his bad habits, which are also easy to fix initially.

Similarly, if you or the members of the household have repeatedly rewarded your dog instead of correcting such a bad habit.

You should contact an expert dog trainer to fix this dog habit.

Dog feeling Boredom


Another reason the dog behaves like this can be the dog’s Boredom.

When an active breed dog is not given good exercise, the dog can also behave like this to get its energy out.

Run the dog regularly and play physical exercise games with him to get tired and go to his bed peacefully and sleep.

Dog humping stuffed animal


When a dog humps a stuffed animal, it might seem like they are trying to mate with the toy. 

In reality, there’s a good chance the dog is just excited and over-stimulated. 

Dogs hump objects for many reasons, including excitement, Dominance, and Boredom. 

If your dog humps stuffed animals often, try to give them more mental and physical stimulation. 

This could include playing fetch or hide-and-seek, taking them on walks, or teaching them new tricks. 

If your dog is still humping objects even after getting more exercise, talk to your veterinarian about possible underlying issues.

Why does my dog hump his bed?

Do all dogs hump their beds?


When a dog humps his bed, it can be a confusing sight. 

Why is your pup suddenly trying to have sex with inanimate objects? There are a few reasons why your dog might hump his bed. 

For starters, some dogs find beds and other furniture exciting, and they may see them as something to play with and hump for fun. 

This is especially common in young dogs who are still exploring their surroundings. 

In some cases, humping may also be a way for dogs to release sexual frustration or arousal. 

If your dog is left alone for long periods or isn’t getting enough attention from you, he may resort to humping his bed as a way to satisfy his needs.

Finally, humping can also be a sign of Dominance or aggression.

Why does my dog hump after eating?

Science may have the answer to why your dog humps after eating!

Most people know that they are supposed to rest when their dog finishes eating. 

Dogs usually lie down after a good meal, but what if your dog doesn’t do that? What if they start humping instead?

There’s a good chance your dog is satisfied with its meal and is just enjoying itself. 

Dogs will sometimes hump after eating as a sign of contentment, and it’s a way for them to release some energy and show that they’re happy.

So if your dog starts humping after eating, don’t worry – they’re just enjoying themselves!

Why does my older dog hump my new puppy?


When a new puppy comes into the home, it’s not uncommon for the older dog to start humping them. 

While it may seem humorous to see an old dog hump a little pup, there is a reason why this behaviour occurs. 

Dogs hump as a way of expressing Dominance.


The older dog is trying to establish himself as the dominant one in the household, and by humping the new puppy, he is asserting his position.

Humping can also be a way of relieving stress or Boredom, so if your older dog is constantly humping everything in sight, it may be a sign that he needs more exercise or stimulation. 

If your older dog is humping your new puppy, don’t scold him – contact the dog behaviourist expert to resolve this issue.

Why does my dog hump me but not my wife?


Dogs hump people for a variety of reasons. Some dogs may hump people as a sign of Dominance, while others may do it out of excitement or nervousness.

If your dog only humps you and not your wife, he may be trying to assert his dominance over you. 

Alternatively, he may see you as his pack leader and be trying to show you respect.

 If your dog humps your wife, he may be trying to show her who is boss or that he is attracted to her. 

In any case, if your dog is humping people, it’s important to correct him and teach him proper behaviour.

Why does my dog hump, my boyfriend?


Many people might find it amusing to see their dog hump someone else, but it can be a bit embarrassing for pet owners. 

In most cases, dogs hump people to show Dominance or express affection. 

Some people believe that dogs hump because they are trying to copy sexual behaviour in humans. 

Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that dogs hump for many reasons.

Why does my dog hump and bite me?


Dogs hump and bite for a variety of reasons. Some dogs may hump or bite when they are feeling anxious or stressed. 

This may be a way for them to release some of that energy.

Other dogs may hump or bite when trying to assert dominance over their owner or another dog. 

A dog that is humping or biting may also show that they are unhappy with a situation. 

If your dog is humping or biting, it is essential to determine the cause and address the behaviour accordingly.

Why does my dog hump my cat?


There’s no one answer to why dogs hump cats. 

Some experts say that it could be a way for the dog to assert Dominance over the cat, while others believe it could be a sign of sexual arousal.

 In some cases, it might simply be a way for the dog to get attention. 

If your dog is humping your cat, make sure to discourage the behaviour and provide appropriate outlets for their energy, like plenty of exercise and playtime.

Why does my dog uncontrollably hump the air?

Dogs may hump to relieve tension if they reach an uncontrollable level of excitement. 

This type of humping is usually accompanied by other signs of arousal, such as licking or whining. 

If your dog begins humping the air, it’s a good idea to try and calm him down before he becomes too excited. 

Some ways to do this include providing positive reinforcement, giving him a toy or treat, or taking him for a walk.

How to train your dog to stop humping?

1. According to the vet, the best time to stop the puppy from humping is when the puppy starts humping.

It is easy for the dog owner to improve the puppy’s humping habit from the very beginning.

But on the contrary, dog owners often laugh and enjoy this habit of the dog instead of interrupting the puppy when he starts humping.

As a result of this reaction, the dog is encouraged to form this habit.

Whenever you see a dog humping for the first time, try to stop it immediately.

2. To stop the dog humping in the air, say “no” in a firm voice and distract them with a toy or treat.

This will shift the dogs’ attention to the toys; as a result, the dog’s attention will be diverted from humping.


3. If you find that the dog is already humping, you can distract it or spray it with water.

Spaying or neutering your dog may help reduce its hormone levels and stop the behaviour.

4. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise to stop humping. The dog will be less likely to hump when he is tired.

5. Whenever you see a dog humping, you can distract him by playing a new game with the dog.

The veterinarians say neutering a male dog can usually reduce mounting or humping habits. 

But if the practice of humping has become entrenched in older dogs, you will need other measures.


 6. Getting your dog obedience trained by a good dog trainer would be a good step in these uses.

Proper obedience training will make it easier to calm the dog down whenever it becomes overly enthusiastic.

7. Whenever the dog is mounting or humping, give him the “stop” command in a loud voice; if the dog follows the order and stops humping, give him his favourite treat or toy to encourage him.

If possible, remove the humping target. You might need to remove your dog from the room if it’s a person.

8. There can be many reasons for a dog being overzealous, such as taking the dog to play in the park or visiting at home.

The problem of mounting or humping in a dog is related to increasing the level of enthusiasm in the dog, and you can improve this problem by obedience training for the dog.

Dogs also commonly hump or mount as a sign of Dominance, although that doesn’t mean the dog doing the humping is the dominant one. 

A dog that is uncertain of its place in the pack is more likely to hump to get the attention of other dogs, a move that can lead to fights with others.


9. To stop the dog’s humping behaviour, the dog owner should first know the main reason behind the dog’s behaviour.

The dog owner should also determine under what circumstances the dog-humping behaviour usually occurs.

After getting the above information, you should search for alternative remedies and consult professional dog trainers or behaviourists.

In the final – Why do dogs hump the air?

In conclusion, there are a few things you can do to make your dog stop humping. 

You can try training your dog to stop the behaviour, or you can try using a behaviour modification technique like desensitization and counter-conditioning. 

If those don’t work, you may need to consider neutering your dog.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.

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