Hello friends, my name is Ravinder from India, and I am doing blogging for the last ten years.

My blog Dogtoysandaccessories.com is just three years old.

I have made this blog to help dog lovers and owners who do not know the dos and don’t for dogs or puppies.

I also had two dogs, but both died due to liver failure.

Due to the lack of information about the pets, I do not find the reason for their death.

Internet was not so readily available in those days. Due to a lack of information, I could not even know the cause of the death of my dog.

At that time, I even do not know that soft drink is toxic for dogs.


My Story

But after some time, I started researching the dog’s heath issues and how to correctly groom the dogs or puppies.

For example, home food as a dog owners, we usually share our food with a dog without any information that which food is good or bad for their health.

Another example is when buying toys for dogs; we do not care if it is safe or hygienic for dogs or not.

Before selecting dog food, kennels, or toys, what measures should dog owners know?

All these things are small, but people do not know. It can be harmful to your pet.

So I have decided to share my knowledge, in the form of a blog.

My Mission

Dogtoysandaccessories.com blog’s mission is to serve you tips and correct information about dog and puppy health, training, food, grooming, toys, and product reviews.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the latest information on these topics so that they can have healthier and happier dogs and puppies.

We also hope to help others learn how to train their pets and make informed decisions when shopping for supplies.