Golden retriever potty training

Are Golden Retrievers hard to potty train?

As far as golden retriever potty training is concerned, because golden retriever puppies are intelligent and good family dogs, it is easy to teach good behavior.

Remember, the younger you start training your golden retrievers puppies, the easier and faster they will learn.

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Whenever you bring home a new pup, whatever dog breed it is, all the family members are excited. 

There is some important information you should know before adopting a golden retriever puppy. Also, you should visit our post to know how to recognize authorized dog sellers.

The golden retriever breed is among the top ten dog breeds by multiple registrations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

All the family members want to play with him and love him. The Golden Retriever doggies are energetic, intelligent, and charming dog breeds.

Golden retriever puppies behave in the same way as puppies of other breeds in childhood.

These puppy behaviors include defecating and urinating inside the house, crying in the crate at night, demanding untimely play, and demanding food at any time.


In the beginning, all these demands of the puppy will not bother you. But over time these puppy habits will start bothering you.

Puppy poop and urine odor in the house can make you and your guests uncomfortable. Canine crying at night can disturb the sleep of your family members as well as your neighbors.

Surely all these troubles can completely ruin the routine of your life. 

But you need not worry because every problem has a solution; Similarly, there is a solution to improve these bad habits of Puppy.

As a Golden Retriever puppy owner, you have to start training from day one as soon as you adopt a puppy and bring it home.

Golden retriever puppy potty training includes potty training the puppy in specific places, feeding at certain times, inculcating the habit of eating healthy food, sleeping on its bed, not crying at night, behaving well with guests and family members, etc. 

This article will share tips and suggestions for training a Golden Retriever whelp to defecate or toilet in a particular place.

How to toilet train a golden retriever puppy? Points to remember


Patience and consistency

You must show patience and consistency while potty training golden retrievers. You have to make constant efforts to make the puppy develop the habit of defecating and urinating in a particular place.

A rover is an animal; He can’t speak, but he learns good habits slowly.

Start Training from day one

You should train the Puppy to poop and urinate as soon as you bring a Golden Retriever puppy home.

As soon as you arrive home with the Puppy, immediately take the Puppy to potty or urinate. 

Set aside space for the puppy’s feces or urine; If you have a backyard, you can potty train puppy in the backyard.

If your home doesn’t have a backyard and you live in an apartment, set aside one part of the house to let the puppy potty break.


In the apartment, you can fix the house’s balcony, near the bathroom, and any corner of the room for the Puppy’s potty break. 

If you want to potty train a puppy outside the house, bring the Puppy outside. Take the Puppy to the designated place to toilet or potty on the first day. 

Wait at the same place for some time. The Puppy will poop or pee as soon as he feels safe.

Location selection and precautions

You can put a flower pot or soil tray at the designated place for Puppy’s toilet break. This manmade environment will attract the Puppy to feces or urinate.

You should ensure that the place is fixed for the Puppy’s toilet, always open and near the resting spot.

Day Timetable

When you bring the golden retriever Puppy home, you have to keep an eye on Puppy’s daily routine. Also, it would be good if you made a timetable of the Puppy’s daily routine.

for example-

At what time does pupper wake up in the morning?

When does the demand for defecation and urination occur in the morning?

At what time does he ask for breakfast?

At what time does he ask for the toilet after having breakfast?

How does it signal to go to the toilet?

What time does Puppy go to sleep in the afternoon?


What time does he get up in the afternoon?

Similarly, you have to prepare a timetable for your Puppy till bedtime and train the Puppy according to the schedule.

How to potty train a golden retriever? Let start

Golden retriever breed -Collect information


Gather information about the Golden retriever’s bread. Research the behavior and particular needs of golden retrievers breed.

The bladder of a golden retriever pooch is tiny in childhood, so they need to urinate frequently.

You have to keep in mind the Puppy’s behavior and potty train the puppy accordingly.

Whenever the golden retiever Puppy wants to poop and urinate, he will give you some signals. You have to understand those signals.

Restlessness, circling, sniffing, barking at the door, or scratching or sitting are the signs that you can guess that the Puppy wants to go to the toilet.

Whenever you see the above signs, immediately take the Puppy outside the house, backyard, designated place in the home, or bathroom.

When a puppy pees at home

How to stop a puppy from peeing in the house?

Whenever you see your Golden Retriever puppy pee and defecating in the house, startle the Puppy by shouting “NO” or “STOP” to the Puppy.

Immediately take the Puppy outside the house or to a designated place for the Puppy.

Don’t scare the Puppy by shouting “NO” or “STOP” aloud; it should just be a message that the Puppy cannot pee or potty in the house.

Puppy will not learn this command the very first time; you have to keep trying.


When you see your Puppy urinating and pottying again in the house, alert the Puppy by saying “NO” or “STOP.”

Please pick up the Puppy and take it outside the house or the designated place. 

Stand with the Puppy at the specified location. When the Puppy is potty or urinating at the designated area, the Puppy affectionately pats and says, “good boy.”

Also, give Puppy treats to eat so that Puppy can understand that he has done some good deed.

Do not change your order; if you say “NO” or “STOP” to Puppy to stop urinating at home, then use the word “NO” or “STOP” every time.

Initially, the Puppy will not be able to stop urinating and potty when you say “NO” or “STOP”. Still, the Puppy will gradually learn to do so.

Do not punish the Puppy during training; otherwise, the Puppy will always be confused.

By punishing Puppy, pup will never understand that for what you are getting angry with him.

Cue words for puppy toilet training


Whenever you feel Puppy wants to go potty or pee. You should use a command word to take him outside the house or to a designated place to poop or pee.

This command word can be anything like “go potty” or “go poop.” Do not change these command words; otherwise, the Puppy may get confused.

Reward the Puppy by giving him a pat on the head, “good boy,” or a food treat when the Puppy is pottying or urinating at the designated spot.

Using the command word, take the Puppy to the designated potty spot and stand with the Puppy for some time.

Gradually, the Puppy will begin to remember the commands you have taught. 

Do not use this command except to potty or pee. Otherwise, the Puppy will not be able to differentiate between the two orders.

Buy quality puppy treats for training


Can puppies have training treats?

A puppy’s normal diet lacks the nutrients that puppy treats provide. Training sessions also use them as positive reinforcement.

Treats for puppies under 3 months will help your dog not only in training them but also provide them with a nutritional treat.

You must encourage the doggy whenever the Puppy properly follows the orders you have been taught.

To encourage the Puppy, you can pat the Puppy affectionately, say “good dog” or “good boy,” or offer his favorite treat.

Provide treats to the Puppy only if the training method is followed properly.

Offer treats only after the Puppy potty and urinates at the designated place; do not give treats if Puppy’s orders are not followed properly.

Make Puppy’s Potty Training Fun


How long to potty train a golden retriever?

Depending on your golden retriever pooch, potty training can take anywhere from two weeks to a few months.

An accident rate in the house can determine how many accidents they have and whether they are rewarded for going outside.

As we suggested, you should make a full-day potty routine for your training golden retriever.

If you have made a puppy potty routine, you will know when to take the Puppy for defecation or urination.

To make potty training golden retriever enjoyable. Excitedly say the potty command to Puppy, such as “Let’s go potty” or “Let’s go poop,” and take Puppy outside the house or to a designated place.

Stand with the Puppy until he can potty or urinate. Do not interrupt the Puppy while urinating and potting.

Puppy only pees or poops at a place when he feels calm and safe. For this, you have to show patience.

Encourage the Puppy by patting the Puppy or offering a positive reward treat after the Puppy has potty and urinated outside the house or at a designated place.

If the pupper follows the training method properly, please encourage him with positive rewards with his favorite treat and petting.

Puppy urine stains and odor


Home remedies for dog urine smell?

Mix one cup of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water and two teaspoons of baking soda in a spray bottle.

Shake it up well to mix the ingredients, then spray it on the stain.

Blot it clean with towels after letting it sit for a few minutes.

When potty training a puppy, there is a possibility that the Puppy may sometimes potty or pee inside the house.

Dogs always potty or urinate again in the same place as before.

To solve this problem, you must completely clean the place urinated by the Puppy in the house and eliminate the urine smell from that place.

For this, you should use a good quality enzymatic cleaner that does not contain ammonia. The enzymatic cleaner chosen should be able to eliminate mongrel urine and potty odor.

Dog urine smells of ammonia which attracts him to urinate again on the same spot.

You can also use white vinegar to eliminate the smell of urine.

Puppy’s rest area


Your puppy’s resting or sleeping bed should be located in a place that you can easily see. The space reserved for the puppy should not be too large.

Due to the small space, a puppy can not hide, and you can watch the Puppy’s behavior closely. You can take action by understanding the signs of the Puppy’s behavior.

Maintain consistency

To train bathroom break a puppy, you must keep trying until the Puppy learns to obey your orders.

Your puppy potty training process should remain the same, do not change it.

This process includes keeping the fixed potty command word, wearing a neck strap to the canine, keeping the dog’s lash size small, and trying to arrive and exit through a particular door.

Take the Puppy to the bathroom break in the morning and after breakfast.

Also, after eating lunch, in the evening, and after dinner, you should take the Puppy to the potty or urinate.

This will make the timetable of your Puppy for the whole day, which you should follow continuously.


Take the Puppy for regular exercise and walks, which will release the Puppy’s extra energy so that he will sleep peacefully at night and not cry in bed at night.

This is the part of crate training of the puppy.

How to train a golden retriever puppy in a high-rise apartment


If you live in an apartment and want to potty train a Golden Retriever puppy, follow the steps below.

— Set aside an area in the apartment for the puppy to potty or toilet.

— The Puppy’s toilet area should not be too far from the Puppy’s bed.

— Put a tray with some soil in the Puppy’s toilet area and keep some plant pots. This created environment will attract the Puppy towards it.

— Whenever the Puppy signals to go to the toilet or potty, take the Puppy to the designated place by putting on a dog collar.

— Say potty commands such as “let’s go potty”; do not change the potty command word. You can also make your potty command.

— Stand patiently with the Puppy in the toilet area until the Puppy does not potty or urinate on the tray.

— If the Puppy does not defecate at the designated place but urinates at other places in the house. 

To solve this problem, soak the Puppy’s urine with the cotton piece and stick those cotton pieces with tape around the designated area.

If the Puppy smells the smell of his urine at the designated place, he will urinate. 

Eliminate urine spots and smell by spraying high-quality enzymatic cleaner on the urine spots at other places in the house.

The above process will result when the Puppy finds the toilet smell at the designated place. The Puppy will urinate or potty at the designated place.

This is because dogs mark their boundaries by urine, and they urinate only after smelling the smell of that urine.

— Encourage the Puppy to urinate or potty in the designated area by giving him a petting or treat. This will boost Puppy’s enthusiasm and make him feel he has done some good deed.

Conclusion – Golden retriever potty training


Finally, potty training your Golden Retriever pups is difficult but not impossible. To potty train a puppy, you must keep trying consistently and patiently.

Researching puppy breed information will help you train your Puppy and have good behavior. Adorable golden retriever puppies are very energetic, so you must keep them exercising regularly.

If your daily schedule is tight, you can hire a professional dog trainer or experts to train your Puppy on potty breaks.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.

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