Why do golden retrievers pant so much

If you are the dog owner of a golden retriever dog, then a question must have arrived in your mind “Why do golden retrievers pant so much.”

According to the information on Golden Retriever Breed, dogs of this breed are large dogs. This breed comes in active dog breeds. That’s why they pants more than dogs of other breeds.

Your golden retriever’s always gasping. Is There a Worry for You? The answer to this question is that if your dog suddenly starts excessive panting, it is a matter of concern for you.

The reason for this can be some disease or health problem and excessive heat, so you should immediately contact the veterinarian.

For this behavior of the Golden Retriever, in this post, we will try to tell the reason for this behavior.

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Causes: Why do golden retrievers pant so much?


There are many reasons for the golden retriever canine to gasp, but the dog’s physical appearance and process are also the reasons for the heavy panting.

Dogs are one gasping mammal.

Dog’s coat is an essential part of its body; this coat keeps the dog’s body temperature normal.

Dogs do not sweat from the body due to the dog’s coat; on the contrary, they sweat through their nose and paws.

The reason for this can be some disease or medical issue and excessive heat, so you should immediately contact the veterinary professional.

For this behavior of the Golden Retriever, in this post, we will try to tell the reason for this behavior.

Do golden retrievers pant a lot?


Canines with golden retrievers have double coats and are naturally active. 

Because of this, the breed tends to pant more than other dog breeds because they must work harder to regulate their body temperature.

The majority of types of panting are perfectly normal and of little concern.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Pants More Than Other Dogs?

The golden retriever breed has double coats and thick hair that store more heat than other breeds. Because of this, hounds of this breed pants more.

You should monitor your dog’s gasping behavior as a responsible dog owner. There are other reasons for dog panting, such as allergies or some other disease.

Reasons why is my dog panting for no reason

Some reasons why the golden retriever is constantly gasping are natural, while others are health-related or brought on by an allergy. 

Following are a number of the most common reasons why the Golden Retriever is heavy panting.

Natural and normal behavior


If you’re ever wondering why your golden retriever seems to pant more than most, it may be because they are naturally more significant than other hounds.

Constantly heavy breathing by the golden retriever whelp is a natural behavior of this breed.

A study published in the ‘Journal of Experimental Biology found that golden retriever dog pant more heavily than other dog breeds when stressed or aroused, likely due to their large size.

If your doggy is panting heavily suddenly, it will be a matter of concern for you. You should consult a veterinary professional for the safer side.

Heat stroke


Many golden retrievers live in areas with high humidity and lack ventilation pants due to heat stroke. 

These hounds are at greater risk for developing heat stroke because they are not used to being in high humidity, which can cause their bodies to expand and become overheated. 

If you notice your dog panting or having trouble breathing pay attention and take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Hot Weather


The Golden Retriever is a dog breed with a double coat, so they are more inclined to heat.

If your dog’s resting area does not stay cold, you should take measures to keep the environment around the dog cold.

If the surrounding temperature rises, then golden retrievers start panting heavily and body temperatures rise.

To regulate body temperature dogs pants a lot.

Afraid of unknown voices


Fear of an unknown sound is also one of the reasons why the Golden Retriever puppies suddenly start panting more constantly.

Pooch can be frightened by the loud noise of traffic or fireworks around the house, and they start gasping.

If such sounds are coming around the dog area, then try to reduce these sounds by closing the windows and doors.

Heart rate issues


Some dogs pant because they are thirsty, some because they are giggling, comfortable with their new surroundings, or want to let you know they’re happy and content. 

Why does my golden retriever pant so much?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it largely depends on the individual pooch and its individual health history. 

In addition to breathing heavily in dogs, anxiety or excitement also includes specific heart failure problems such as cardiomyopathy or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and parasites such as roundworms or hookworms.

Contact a veterinary professional for any medical issue.

Illness or Hiding pain


Many people think their Golden Retriever panting is just a sign of excitement or joy. 

But what if it’s just an indicator of an illness?

Many illnesses cause breathing rapidly more than average in rovers, such as arthritis, leukemia, and some heart diseases.

If your pet is experiencing health issues, it may be panting more frequently because of the pain or discomfort.



Pets that get tired quickly often breathe heavily more than those that are not.

This is because muscles need time to recover from exercise and relaxation after a long day at work or play.



Many dog owners wonder why their Golden Retriever pants so much. 

Some believe this behavior is due to tumor growth, while others think it may signify respiratory distress from long walks or exercise. 

It’s essential to find out the truth behind why your dog pant so much and do whatever you can to prevent any potential health problems like cancer.

Dog Anxiety and fear


When Golden Retrievers pant, it might be because they are anxious or fearful. A lot of times, when rovers pant, it is because they are getting excited or nervous. 

However, there are also a few reasons dogs might breathe heavily, could be they may be worried about something. 

Obese or overweight


Golden Retrievers are known for their sultry dispositions, but a recent study has revealed that they may be overweight. 

The study, which the University of Utah conducted, found that five obese golden Retrievers weighed an average of 242 pounds (113 kg). 

The research team believed this excess weight resulted from uncontrolled eating and lack of exercise. 

However, when they compared the healthy dogs who were not obese with those who were, they found that the latter had less body fat and a lower resting metabolic rate. 

This suggests that excess body weight in Golden Retrievers is not just due to their sultry dispositions; it may also directly result from their unhealthy lifestyle.

Lung disease


Many people might think their golden retriever is just a healthy doggo who pants for air because they like to fun play. 

But this may not be the only reason your dog pant so much. 

There are many reasons why your golden retriever may heavy breathing for air, and perhaps some of them are more serious than you first thought. 

Lung disease is one of the most common causes of heavy breathing in dogs, and it can cause plenty of problems for you and your pet. 

If you’re considering having your pup checked out for lung disease, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, ensure accurate information about what type of lung disease your golden retriever may have.

This is important because different diseases can cause different types of dog panting, and even minor changes in air pressure can lead to big problems.

Allergic issue


When dogs start excessive panting, it is often because of an allergic reaction to something. 

Some things that are common causes of allergies include pollen, dust mites, and some animals, like cats and horses. 

Dogs allergic to any of these things can have heavy breathing for some time after exposure. In some cases, the panting may be so intense that it leads to breathing difficulties.



Many people think that having a furry friend around helps keep them healthy, but according to science, it may not be the case. 

A study published in the journal “Nature’s Animal Science” found that golden Retrievers are heavy panting dogs other than other mutts because they constantly run and chase things.

The study also found that when Golden Retrievers do this, their blood pressure is raised, and they have an increased chance of developing heart disease.



Golden Retrievers are known for their excitement and panting, often caused by the dog’s desire to show off its soft fur. 

Many people think this behavior is due to excitement, but there may be a more complex reason behind it.

There are many theories about why Golden Retrievers pant so much, but one of the most popular ones is getting excited to see new people and things in their environment. 

Some experts believe that this behavior is also caused by smelling new smells or anticipating rewards that will come their way. 

Whatever the reason, it’s a fun and engaging mental part of Golden Retriever life that everyone should enjoy!

How do I know if my dog is panting too much?

Panting dogs are common in some breeds of dogs and may be a common sign of exertion or anxiety. 

A few things can help determine if your dog is panting too much. First, ask them to stop panting for a few minutes and see if they calm down. 

Additionally, make sure that they are drinking enough water and getting enough exercise. If these things don’t help, you may need to seek medical advice.

When should I worry about dog panting?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when to worry about dog panting, as the practice may vary from individual to individual. 

However, some key factors that could lead to concern include sudden or constant panting and an intense level of panting. 

If any of these factors suggest that your dog is experiencing breathing problems, you should take him to a veterinarian for advice on whether or not he needs medical attention.

Things you can do about your Golden Retriever panting a lot

Your Golden Retriever may pant a lot due to exercise or boredom, but there are ways to alleviate this problem. Here are some tips to help your pet pant less:


In case of abnormal panting, consult a vet.

When your golden retriever is panting a lot, it might be due to several reasons. 

A few key things you can do to help reduce this behavior are to consult a veterinarian, watch out for any health issues, and keep an eye on how your dog is feeling.

Take off the undercoat.

If you have a golden retriever, their fur coat is often covered in oils and sweat. To reduce panting and other body Language issues, here are some tips: 

Remove its undercoat: This is the fur layer covering the chest and lower body. De-shedding can help reduce this fur coat and make your dog look trim and beautiful.

A cool bath might help.

Bathe regularly: Bathing regularly will help to remove build-up on the skin, which may be causing panting. 

Dogs who do not bathe often may experience issues such as bad breath or greasy hair.


Provide shade and a cool room

One reason could be that they are getting too hot in the sun. You can do a few things to help your Golden Retriever feel more comfortable and relaxed in their environment. 

Provide shade and move to a cold environment so they can rest. 

You can do this by putting some water and ice on the floor or setting up some squares of cardboard next to them so they can nap during the day.

Exercise and outdoor activity

You can do a few things to help your Golden Retriever pantless. 

Daily Exercising daily is one of the best ways to help. You can also try different methods of releasing energy, like outdoor activity with them or rewarding them for doing good behavior.

Activate the fan

Golden Retrievers pant for various reasons, but one of the most common is trying to cool themselves off. 

Turn on the fan at high speed and let the golden retriever sit in front or below the fan. This activity will cool the dog’s temperature and reduce the panting speed.

Night walks for your dog.

If you have a Golden Retriever who pant a lot, something you can do is walk them in the night. 

This will help keep their respiratory system working correctly and should help to reduce their excitement levels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Golden Retrievers heavy breathers?

Because Golden Retrievers have high energy levels, they tend to breathe heavily. But if your dog is prone to heavy panting all the time, there may be a more significant issue.

While your dog has excessive panting, you should know all the symptoms he is displaying.

Veterinarians have long been aware that Golden Retrievers are known for being heavy breathers. 

This is especially true regarding their lungs, which can put them at risk for health problems. Some of these problems include pneumonia, bronchitis, and even cancer.

Why is my golden puppy always panting?

Pets generally pant as a sign of excitement or pleasure. However, some breeds of dogs are more prone to panting than others. 
Some common reasons a dog might pant include exercise, stress, or boredom.

How do you calm a dog from panting?

Panting is a common symptom of anxiety, stress, and other conditions. There are many ways to calm a dog from panting, but some work better than others. Some tips to help reduce panting include:

1. Talk to your dog about why he is panting. Many dogs have panic attacks when overwhelmed or stressed, so it can be helpful to understand why he feels that way.


2. Give him time to cool down. A few minutes of quiet time may be all he needs to calm down and stop panting.

3. Avoid sudden changes in temperature or humidity. These could trigger another panicky attack! Instead, try gentle tweaks like adding water or ice chips to his food or changing the air conditioning setting in your house a little at a time during the day.

When should I worry about my puppy panting?

golden retriever puppies pant for many reasons, but some are more common than others. Preening is the act of licking their front quarters to clean them and help with ventilation. 

Puppies that pant often indicate they are feeling comfortable and happy in their new home. 

However, too much panting can signal anxiety or stress, so checking in on your pup every few minutes is essential to ensure they’re not getting too worked up.

Conclusion: why do golden retrievers pant so much?

In conclusion, golden retrievers pant because they are excited to go outside and play. They also pant due to their warm blood flow, making them look healthy and happy.

Golden retrievers need to cool off because they love being around people and running around.

Golden retrievers pant because they are constantly thirsty. They drink a lot of water when they’re warm, but also when they’re cold. 

This causes their bodies to work harder to cool themselves and keep their muscles working.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local veterinarian.

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